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African gift in silver

perfect corporate gift – elephant cuffs

African Cuff links make a great African corporate gift – especially if you are buying for an overseas client. Design styles like elephant cuff links are always very popular. A pair of African mask cufflinks is a little more specific in taste but has a great story.

A company director will appreciate a pair of power mask cuff links or Zulu shield cuff links. For South African the South African flag cuff links are always a hit.

Mask cuff links from South Africa

African mask cuff links

While cuff links sometimes seem an overused gift for corporate clients they remain the most popular gift out of all the men’s gifts. This may seem boring but they are actually the perfect corporate gift, for a man anyway. They are usually made of precious metal and therefore they have intrinsic value. They are small, so they can be easily packed and taken overseas and lastly most corporates wear cuff links at some stage. They are perfect for branding and conveying a message – and best of all – they are on display, being worn by those who you wish to remember you. If not done correctly all of this can work against you.

African cuff links - S.A. falg in silver

S.A. flag cuff links

A pair of cuff links that is silver plated is a big no no as far as I am concerned – no matter how well made they will always look cheap, or look worn within a short period of time. If your branding is too ‘in your face’ it is unlikely that they will be worn, and if they are not well designed, to big, edges that hook etc. then they are destined for the bottom draw – and your company will only be remembered as the one who gave out shitty cuff links – not much of an advert.

Trout fishing - South AFrican cuff links

Trout reel cuff links – great gift for a fisherman

Another mistake is giving out a common looking cuff link design – remember you are dealing with individual, smart, ambitious men – it is not a good idea to give a man like this something common or garden – just does not fit the profile. A director will be someone who likes quality, appreciates style and above all wants to show his individuality. Unless your brand is famous and desired, it is not going to be worn.

Cuff links from South Africa

Power masks in silver

Another factor that adds weight to cuff links being the perfect corporate gift is that most men, who wear cuffs, have not one pair – but many. Some men almost collect good looking cufflinks. They will appreciate a novel or new design, or a design that has a story. Something to tell about the cuff when their partner or friends comment on the cuffs links.As with anything, packaging is another key factor – as a marketing guy once told meĀ  – “put it in classy packaging, have a compelling story and it does not matter how crappy the item is – people will buy it” While this may be true when selling items – it could not be further from the truth about corporate gifts – first of all – you are not selling – you are giving, secondly, the moment they are found to be crappy, your name will be associated with that label – quality, originality. style, story and value – those are the big 5 of quality corporate gifts – don’t compromise – rather do not give anything than give rubbish. Rather give out 10 pairs of high end gifts that 200 pieces of rubbish – unless of course you do not care about your brand and what people think of it. African cuff links made in silver cover the big 5 of great corporate gifts, and as these corporate gifts are made in South Africa you can probably have a custom pair made to suit your occasion. Many of the corporate gifts from South Africa tend to have a sameness – and are often cheap cuff links – these cuff links from South Africa could not be further from that – expect to pay, but also expect a really beautiful product that you can give with pride.
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